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Every time I build another website

I go through the same process.

Where I start off with good

 intentions to put together

 a nice site that best

represents my photographic

 and creative output. Inevitably

 I end up filling it with random

 images that are within reach

 of my desk-top at that time. I'm

sure this one will be no different.

Odds and Sods


This is where I live

I made a film
about being here



This is Lolita. She's an Italian Spinone, who is gorgeous and  full of life.

The first 2 years were a bit of a challenge for both of us. She's calmed down a bit now, I think she just felt sorry for me in the end.

I was experimenting with Premier Pro, and that's why this is here.

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Big Mick's

These are from an evening in 2012 at the Athletic Tavern in Girvan, or Big Mick's as it's known. Considered to be the best pub in the town, regarding atmosphere and sociability. Both my grandfather and uncle Matthew were regulars over the years.

I took then after I'd been out for a meal with my brother, his partner, and my mother. After a few drinks it always seems like a good idea to go there. I love these ladies, fortunately I made the effort to take a few snaps on my phone, probably enabled by the booze and atmosphere.