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About me

'Gordon is cheeky and lazy'  

Miss Wilson, school report card.

This is some of my creative and non commercial work since the mid-1990's.

It is more of a retrospective of personal photography and a few short films.

The contents range from photographs and digital collages I've made within days or weeks ago, to analogue photographs from the mid 1990's and my time at art college in Kent. Through to when I was an assistant in London and starting to get my own work, up until the end of that decade and fell out of professional photography. 

After that, the photos I took were just snaps of my life at the time. Misadventure and questionable decision making that has been a staple of my life lead to a few years out of photography, and pretty much not even taking many photographs at all.

I returned to it professionally in 2008 when

I set up a studio in Beckenham south London, and remembered how to take 

photographs again. That lasted for a few years before succumbing to the developers, but I always knew it was on the cards. So it was good whilst it lasted.

I came back to Scotland, and education which gave me the chance to experiment with different mediums under the guise of work.

I realised when I was putting together this site that there were periods where I took more photos than others, and therefore those times are probably more represented in these pages.

The truth is there are times in my life when I took loads of photos, and times when I wasn't interested in photography. It was nothing more than something that I used

to do. 

It's only latterly after I returned to Scotland that my work diversified into moving image.

I started to use my lived experiences, and change in life / location as inspiration for the work I had to do for university.

I take a lot of landscapes with the occasional small figures framed against a huge sky, it seems to becoming a trope.

Someone I knew back in the day, asked me

if I was still living the type of drama fuelled 

life which provided me with so much creative inspiration in the past. Not at all,

but I'm glad I did, and things always catch at least a bit of lustre in retrospect.


I am working on way too many projects at the same time, and obviously have a short attention span. When I turn on Premier Pro it's just a nightmare of half finished projects and guilt for not completing anything. 

I'm finally attempting to put together a phd proposal. Which entails quite a lot of reading stuff you don't understand.

So that takes up most of my time and is making me feel very dense.

I am continuing to try to finish stuff and not freak out about what needs to be done, whilst not editing out any moments from my life that inspired me to take the photograph in the first place.

But all this is quite labour intensive and I've got a lot on. So realistically.

Started in professional photography in 1995.


After completing an HND in Advertising & Editorial photography, I worked as a professional photographic assistant

in London, the UK and abroad. Before becoming a freelance Photographer,

specialising in portraiture.


Later having my own studio in London, providing photography for clients, ranging from corporate, advertising, and portraits.


Returned to Scotland in 2012

The University of the West of Scotland  (2014-18)

Digital Art, BA (hons) 1st class

Creative Media Practice, MA (Distinction)                    

Throughout my Masters degree I became increasingly interested in utilising my practice

as a method of engaging with the local community. 

This has been in the form of film-making and the

development of my work with local Social enterprises.

Currently working on a film about my home town of Girvan, and portraits of some of the residents, which I will exhibit together at some point in the future. Though this has stalled somewhat due to the Covid situation.​


My other photography & Third Sector work


This website includes my commercial  and Press, photography.

It also includes my work for social enterprises and the third sector. Where I help to provide professional standard photography & design at a reduced rate through my Community Interest Company Gordon Doherty Photography CIC.

Hopefully helping these organisations generate awareness of the work they do in the community.

Details here:

I am continuing to develop my professional and creative practice

with work in photography, film, media and social enterprise.

Currently working as a press photographer. 

Also producing commercial and corporate photography.

My film, Home movie exhibited at the CCA in Glasgow, March 2019.

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